Englighten your soul with the revelation of ATMA (soul) Create SHAKTI (POWER) in your daily life style. Invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesh the Elephant God in your house or temple by playing this cd rom.INVOKE Go in for the PITRU DOSH NIRVANA STOTRA (the harbinger of love and faith and get potent.GO Savour the embodiments of truth strung in musical form. Invoke Wisdom through Angel Mantra on Cd rom. This and all of the following POTENT SPIRITUAL MANTRA ON CD ROM. Let the power of the SUN be with you.

Just as the Sun destroys darkness, the Gayatri Mantra decimates ignorance. It invokes the power and radiance of the Sun to energize life on earth, to destroy our sins and to reveal the Supreme Self to us. It is even more significant in winters for invoking the brilliance of the Sun. Absorb the effulgence of this all pervading source of light and let the power of sun kindle, enlighten and inspire your intelligence, enabling you to possess eternal qualities.


Mantras or ancient words of wisdom, encapsulate all th epower of the universe in them. ‘Mahamantras' features the most potent collection of such mantras known to mankind. This is an album of ageless wisdom. Join the force of the cosmos.


Divine Chants of Krishna .
Immerse your soul in the ‘Divine Chants of Krishna'! An offering of traditional Shlokas, Stutis and kirtans to place you in Gopala's grace!


Sangeet Gayatri.
Enshrined in the Vedas as the universal prayer, the incantation of the Gayatri Mantra leads to spiritual liberation and enrichment of life, ‘ Sangeet Gayatri' is a treasure that elevates the listeners. Feel the force of the most powerful mantra in the universe.


A harbinger of love and faith
Recite and listen to a potent compilantion of Chants, Richas and Mantras culled from the Vedas and other sacred scriptures to please the spirit of your ancestors. Shower them with your faith and devotion for the upliftment of their soul, thus resolving the obstacles in your path. Bless them with love!


Invoke Lord Ganesh. Enter His Ring of Protection.

 Ganapati: Let Lord Ganapati's supreme protection envelop you through the day with ‘Ganapati'. A unique album of potent stotras and Aartis dedicated to the lord. Surrender to Ganapati!

Maha Ganapati Aarti: The arrival of our beloved Lord Ganesh is marked with pomp , pageantry and the applause of drums. ‘Maha Ganapati Aarti' features popular, traditional Ganesh Aartis, that consecrate you and your surroundings.

Amrit Varad Ganesh: Embrace Lord Ganesh with this musical offering by the eminent singer. A distinctive album of selected Shlokas to appease the lord.

Potent spiritual mantras to empower your life


Om : Music for divine Meditation.
Durga Saptashati.
A reservoir of Shakti Mantras
Durga mahamaya or Chandi call her by any name, she remains the invincible Shakti meaning power (DURGA SAPASHATI) is a divine shield of potend mantras that describe how Goddess Chandi vanquishes the negativities of indulgence and denial, thus restoring the equilibrium necessary for perfection. This is an incovation of SHAKATI (power) who bestows her devotees with material prosperity and spiritual freedom.


Bringing you a bouquet of revered chants and shlokas ( Chants )

Shubham: Recite these chants to invite Goddess Lakshmi into your home and get blessed with good luck, peace and properity.

Rama : This album presents the Ram Raksha Stotra- a fulsome tribute to the supreme Being Sri Ram, the ideal for all human beings.

Shubh Laabh: Recite shlokas & chants worshipping the grace of both Adi Deva Ganesha & Shree Lakshmi to win their benevolence & munificence for acquisition of wealth.

Mahalakshmi : Purify the environment and welcome Mahalakshimi with Ashtalakshimi Stotram, Shri Suktam and the original Mahalakshimi Aarti from the Mahalakshimi temple in Mumbai.

Any one of the mantras on cd rom for just US$ 10



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