Welcome to Zulqarnainn ! Everything in our Shop is handmade by my experienced artists!  The pictures on this page are just a taste of what we have to offer. We hope you enjoy your visit and take active part in possessing such a wonderful articles at such a throw away cost.

Great care is taken to duplicate each leaf painting with the same theme and details are captured in each leaf by our artist by our artists, yet there are lots of chances that any 2 pictures of the same object may not be alike. We will make all attempts to deliver the item as close as possible to the one displayed... But it cannot be guaranteed.

Astrological, mystical and healing values of PEEPUL LEAF. That has now been converted by me into a painting that gives you so much………..

The leaves of the sacred peepul tree (according to Hindus and ancient Indian culture) have a beautiful shape - they taper to a needle-point. And when these green leaves brush against each other, they constantly make a rustling sound and attract everyone's attention. It is also believed that while genies walk in the forest they rub themselves to the Sacred Peepal Tree that then generates this sacred sound. Even when the leaves dry, leaving behind a webbed skeleton of veins, they look grand - grand enough to be made into sacred, lovely and beautiful mystical greeting cards, that have an ever lasting effect on people to whom they are sent.